I REALLY love this restaurant. Everytime I go in I am welcomed with such great customer service. Also, they offer amazing food! I am vegetarian and sometimes it is hard to find Mexican Restaurants that accommodate that need; however, they were very helpful and open to making the adjustments.
Tacos are bomb, these are he best tacos in town. Give it a try, you will not regret, you will want to comeback. Hand made tortillas and their salsas are delicious!
If you are looking for a place that has cuisine straight out of Mexico, this is your go to spot. Their outside cart and inside decorations certainly make me feel at home. I especially love the staff, the morning cook lady that stays inside always seems to know what I'm in the mood for. I truly can say without a doubt that they are my new favorite Gilroy restaurant!
The folks here are very sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed the food. Please know the menu is limited to about 12 different items including breakfast all day. Try the Vampiros or Mulitas. As a güero I'd never heard of them but they were muy deliciosa!
I agree with the other reviews, it's amazing here. We were looking for a quality place to grab a bite on the way home from a day in Monterey. The later it gets, the harder it is to find anything other than 2-star fast food. So glad we came across this restaurant and the great reviews. As we drive away at 10:42pm, all I can say is thank goodness that it's open late. The tacos and sopa were delicious and filling! The owner was so kind and gracious and even whipped up a special spicy salsa for us to try! We'll definitely be back when we're in the area!
This is one of those little gems you will found on Monterey st. My boyfriend and I have been here numerous times since it has opened. They have some of the best salsas in town as well as tacos! During the evening they have a taco stand outside with a few lady's making homemade tortillas in front of you! If you're passing by this place is a must to stop by, you will not be disappointed!!
This taco place & cart is SO GOOD, super glad he's finally got a set location available to grab a taco almost any time now. Used is the cart/taco guy that used to be down across from longhouse before but, only at night and standing/to-go room only, so glad they've been able to settle in downtown gilroy. The made-to-order fresh HANDMADE TORTILLAS and the SALSA BAR (I think there's like 5 types) they've got make ALL their tacos just right for your taste/mode (dare I say his orange can hold a candle to some of the famous SJ spots). But my favs here are Tacos De Cabeza with the Green Avo Sauce. They also have a bunch of other stuff in the new indoor restaurant such as breakfast, soups, etc, but again, I tend to favor the quick impromptu orden de tacos from the cart just out front. Also have used Jose multiple times for catering events, a b'day party, church functions, and a fundraiser (which i think help up our game and fundraising, ha ha). He brings out "the whole enchilda" when hired, chips, quesadillas, aguas frescas, you name it, he'll make it happen. Congrats Jose!! Keep up the good eats!